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1809 Henry Hardgrove b: 2 FEB 1809 in Kilkishen, County Clare, Ireland

1815 Mary Hynes b: 1815 in Six Mile Bridge, County Clare, Ireland

1867 Tomas Heraty's Diary
Feb. 3
Mass at Osceola, went there with team. J. Rooney got married. D. Twohig and R. Hardgrove published.

1870 Thomas Heraty's Diary
March 1
Warm, springlike. Tim Hardgrove was married. (Married James Heraty's daughter - F.S.)

1873 Thomas Hearty's Diary
May 28
Hardgrove boy born.

1874 Thomas Heraty's Diary
May 23
George Hardgrove died at 2 a.m. Lord have mercy on his soul!

May 25
George Hardgrove was buried. Attended funeral with team and folks. 164 teams.

1875 Thomas Heraty's Diary
Aug. 31
John Hardgrove's little girl was killed.

1879 Thomas Heraty's Diary
Jan. 31
Tom Kelly and Dick Hardgrove came with engine about 2 p.m. A new event in Mitchell being the first steam engine that ever entered town.

May 4
Ellen O'Brien and ______ and Hardgrove and Redmond were called to be married.

May 11
Left Tom Kelley's at 8 a.m. Stopped at mass in Osceola. Got home at 1 ½ p.m. Mona at mass there too. Witnessed the marriage of James Redman and Elizabeth Hardgrove.

1892 Tom Heraty's Diary
April 26
Four weddings. John Gaynor and Hannah O'Connell; Dick Hughes and Mary Gill of Mitchell; Tom Moynihan and Kate Mangan; Dick Hardgrove and Kate Doyle of Greenbush, at Osceola.

1901 Tom Heraty's Diary
March 31
Palm Sunday, 1901. Heard of the death of old man Hardgrove at his son Dick's of Osceola.

Dec. 30
Mailed to Barry (?) petition for mail route today with names. Garrett Doyle of Fond du Lac and Frank Hardgrove called this evening, so did Milo and Kit Gallagher.

1903 Tom Heraty's Diary
Jan. 21
James Hardgrove of Fond du Lac and Miss Frances McDonnell of Scott were married at Cascade today by Reverend Burke.

1905 Tom Heraty's Diary
Nov. 7
Miss McMullen of Holland and Tommie Phelin were married at St. Patricks. Mary Hardgrove and Mr. Lynch of Eden were married at Fond du Lac.


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