Monday, July 04, 2005

July Special Pictures

Tyler Becca & John Twohig

Many of the Twohigs seem to enjoy genealogy. This is a 4 generation photo taken at the George & Mollie Twohig farm in Armstrong, WI in the mid 1940's. The women are Mary Calvy Brown, her daughter Mollie Brown Twohig, Mollie's daughter Nora Twohig Niederehe and two of Nora's children George Niederehe and Ann Niederehe. - Catherine Niederehe


Susan & Shane Wendt, Mitchell is 9, Taylor is 8 and Jack is 18 months

Taylor Wendt, (daughter of Susan Wendt & greatgranddaughter of John Twohig Age 8) dances with Glencastle and will be dancing on the Children’s Stage Sunday at 11:30 and the Leinie’s Celtic Rock stage at 2 p.m. Family will be checking in sometime Sunday and looks forward to meeting everyone.
Dowling & Smits Daughters with Trinity Irish Dancers

Katrina Smits

Grandparents Don & Helen Beggan

Rianna Smits

(Karina & Rianna are great grandaughters of Chrissy Brown Beggan)

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