Sunday, August 07, 2005

David & Bridget & Family Picture

The identities of those in the photo are as follows: David Joseph and Bridget are sitting on either side. In the back row standing are Bartholomew, Henry, Nora Ellen, and David John. Almost in the middle the young boy is George, and to his left is Eliza (Mary Elizabeth), she is the taller of the younger girls, and in front of beside her father her is Laura Anna. John Elmer is this youngest boy standing beside his mother
Photo courtesy of Richard Finn


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Barbara Twohig Haley said...

I am Dr.David and Thelma Twohig's daughter. I enjoyed looking through the pictures, and I think you need more from our side of the family. I will see what I can do to scan and send you pictures of my grandfather (Dr. David) and my my dads siblings. His sisters Catherine and Betty are still living. Catherine in FDL and Betty in Milwaukee. Perhaps I can make it to the next fest. My daughter Lisa Yoest is into genioloty and found you. My brother Philip is living in FDL. I have fond memories of Sunday dinners at Campbellsport and playing in the furnature store. Barbara


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