Sunday, August 07, 2005

FAMILY Feud #1

1)If Twohig drank root beer floats what did the Niederehe family drink?
2)Who loved to listen to baseball on the radio?
3)Who beat Grandpa George R. Twohig at checkers as a kid?
4)“Imagine that!” was said by whom?
5)What were the key ingredients in Leo’s punch ?
6)What was Laura May’s endearing nickname for all small kids
7)What was the cookie most commonly found in the cookie jar at the farm?

8)Who could add two columns of numbers simultaneously?
9)Before whose wedding was the wallpaper replaced inthe old house?
10)What was the name of the horse that pulled themilk wagon on the farm?
------------ Answers below------------

1) 7 Up Floats 2)Uncle Dave 3)No One -Grandpa was ruthless 4)Dr. George
5)Welch's Grape Juice & Ginger Ale 6)Worry Wort 7) Ginger Snaps, peanut butter, oatmeal cookies with raisins or windmill cookies 8)Herb Niederehe 9)Nora's10)Nancy


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