Monday, August 15, 2005

Family Feud - The Armstrong Years

Answers Now Posted Below

Following submitted by Rob & Daughter Robbie Twohig .
1. Before whose wedding was the wallpaper replaced inthe old house?
2. Where did George (Doc) hide the old revolover so no one would ever find it?
3. What was the name of the horse that pulled themilk wagon on the farm?
4. How would you know when a new batch of "hootch)was ready at the still down the road?
5. What song did Charles used to play on the playerpiano in the granery?
6. Who could do the "Charleston" like nobody'sbusiness.
7. What were 2 of Aunt Betty's most famous, mostdelicious and most often made desserts?
8. What was Jane Niederehe's name for Joe Twohig?
9. At whose first communion did over 70 relativeshave to hit the basement because a tornado took CarlySchmidt's barn, narrowly missed the farm and lifted upover the old place?
10. Who gave Aunt Nora a corsage of burdock leaves,thistles, and dandelion leaves for her birthday?
11. Who always kept score for the baseball team?
12. Who bought the 1937 Plymouth for the family?
13. Whose "hot" convertible was seen in local paradesin the late '60s/early '70s?
14. Who sold tires at Montgomery Ward's?
15. Who constantly drank hot tea? 16. What did Aunt Catherine always call her "little"patients?
17. Who had Nora, Dave, and Roseann O'Brien Twohig asteachers?
18. Who ate his cornflakes out of a potato bowl?
19. Who spent many a summer at the farm in the late'60s early '70s?
20. Who could play "schmeer" all night long?
21. Why did Grandma Brown choose to live with Mollieand George on the farm?
22. What was the name of the boar pig that got looseand stopped traffic at the 4 corners during a footballgame (hint, hint)?
23. What was Uncle Dave's position during his ballplaying years?
24. How many stoves were in the old house?
25. How many bedrooms were in the old house?
26. Where is the autograph wall located in the oldbarn?
27) The old place was purchased in what year
28) Who married Bridget Hardgrove?
29) What year the barn was built?
30) The tool shed at the farm was what originally?
1)Nora's2)(Rob thinks it's eitherin the cistern or in the kitchen wall. We still don't know3)Nancy4)"Concertina Bill" would play a song on his frontporch.5)"Pretty Baby"6)Marg Twohig Fitzgerald6)chocolate cake with carmel frosting for John spice bars with carmel frosting (we'll bring therecipe)8)Joefus9)Mine (Robbie's)10)Uncle Dave11)Uncle Leo12)Uncle John13)Aunt Pat's14)Uncle John15)Aunt Laura May16)"Kiddo"17)Dad (Rob)18)Uncle George19)Molly Fitzgerald20)Grandpa Twohig21)Because Mollie knew how to make bread22)Bart Starr23)catcher24)Three25)Six26)In the granery27)1950?28)David Twohig29)1910-30)ChickenCoop


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