Sunday, October 09, 2005

Help Identify These People

Standing left to right in the back row : Mable, Eva (Pesch), small boy is Clem, Crissie (Beggan), Joe

Seated in front row: Laura (Thibadeau), "Grandma" Mary Calvey Brown , small girl Edith aka Dode (Hayes), "Grandpa" Adon Brown, Mollie (Twohig) - our grandmother

Dear Joe and cousins,

This is a now treasured Brown family photo which my mother May Murphy Thibaudeau always had on display. After-all, they were the family she was raised by and I assume she even watched them take it and perhaps felt rather left out or confused ..or perhaps this was just prior to any of the Brown girl weddings and she was not yet born but she spoke of Clem being a rambunctious boy..more like a brother to her and Dode close enough in age that she felt like she was her sister. (In this photo, Laura looks very strong and healthy but she died just 18 months after May was born)

Yvonne Thibaudeau Moyer
From Aunt Pat
Once again I am scrutinizing the Brown Family photo. If you will take a look at it----check Laura Brown Murphy, first on the left middle row. Third finger (ring) left hand---she is wearing two rings. One looks like a plain gold wedding band, the other like a signet ring. Laura was married July 21, 1907, died November 14, 1909. May Murphy Thibaudeau was born May 8, 1908.

In my estimation the Brown family photo was done sometime between July 21, 1907 and June 22, 1908.
TA TA Tanta Pat
--- Still to be identified----

Who is this?